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March 2014 Goodaye all. The TIV K200 is now well up over 500,000 kilometres and is nearly complete from my point of view. It has taken over two years to get all the little bits and pieces done whilst trying to work fulltime and do all the extra things I try to participate in and contribute to. We had to replace a turbo recently, though this is the first since about 150,000 k and whilst it had only shown one fault code then, it was replaced during a DPF repair and I was told there nothing wrong with the one they removed.
The starter motor was also replaced at 510,000k whilst stuck in Tramanco’s yard in Brisbane (sorry to Tony for making him late for his holiday week-end) when we were doing suspension testing and memory download from the INS-COM road reading software. The data is very promising and one of the things I have asked NHVR to consider for the future, is a national road standard that will allow anyone to know what the standard is and to be able to lodge a complaint where a road does not meet that standard. It is hard to get some authorities to act when they simply do not understand how savage and severe some of these impacts from road irregularities can be, in a truck.
I would like to welcome RIMEX Metals and Red Roo Shocks as TIV supporters. Rimex from Sydney have supplied the coloured and patterned stainless steel for the fuel tank skirts, drive wheel covers I had made and the doors for my internal cupboards, which I plan to have all done for the Melbourne Truckshow. The colouring process can provide many different colours and the patterning not only adds depth to the look of them, but strength as well and certainly looks different to all the standard stainless tank skirts on most trucks. Thanks also to Transcom Industries for the spray suppressant. The wheel covers have taken a long time to set up so as to suit the AIR CTI, which no matter where I go, people ask, what is that and what does it do?
Red Roo Shocks have just released a shockie for the truck market which came originally from a new design for the off road market. They were fitted to the prime mover in Melbourne last week and have given a marked improvement in ride, particularly when empty and we plan to do long term testing into the future. Thanks to both for coming on board and supporting the TIV.
I went to load somewhere I hadn’t been for sometime last week and received 5 positive comments on the truck over a two day period. As always, “Geez, you have a lot of stickers and supporters on the truck and curtains” leads to me explaining the aims and intent of the TIV and one fellow had followed me for some time back from when I wrote for Caravan World and had heard me on the radio a number of times. Others thanked me for my continuing efforts to improve things and this does make me feel the effort is worthwhile and appreciated by some at least.
Thanks to Prime Creative I have been offered a spot at the Melbourne International Truckshow. I had entered the Custom Truck show, but with the trailers and the nature of the TIV, I did not really qualify as a custom truck, but welcome their support in giving me a spot to allow me to show the truck and reach more people with the aims of the TIV. If attending please drop in say hello.
The trailers are approaching 900,000k and have just had only the third set of tyres, fitted to the rear trailer, so again, over 430,000k from the low profile Michelin trailer tyres, a significant effort. Alcoa have supplied me with a set of Dura Bright steer rims, so only the drives to go and new Michelin steer tyres have been fitted as well. BPW have shown interest in doing a further story in their magazine when the trailers reach one million kilometres, probably in October/November this year.
Thank you also to Sue from Underhide Leather for a magnificent new logbook cover featuring a laser cut photo of the TIV and the logo. I have attached some photos and as always, welcome your comments and thank you for your continued support.

Michelin Tyres and ReddRoo Truck Shocks
Rimex Metal Products Sensor Trim and Underhide Leather Logbook Cover
Spray Suppressant from Transcom Industries with Rimex Metal Fuel Tank Skirts
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