Foglights Can Be An Issue


Correct Loading, No Problem

Correctly Loaded and Hitched Vehicle



Incorrect Loading and or Hitching Creates a Hazard for All You Approach at Night

Dips and bumps in the road will make it even worse and you could blind someone and contribute to a crash. If you are continually flashed at night, first, check you are not on highbeam, second, check you do not have your fog lights on, (these lights can be dangerous if used in other than fog and create lots of glare in rain) and if these are both off, either there is a problem ahead of you on the road, or your lights are too high and blinding traffic. You should then adjust your lights or not drive at night with the vehicle as it is. Do you want to cause a crash? Loading up the back of the ute or wagon can see the same problem on the road at night.

Incorrectly Loaded or Hitched Vehicle



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