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TIV 001 2011 - 2015

TIV 001 took longer than I hoped to get on the road. Rod Pilon has given me enormous support up to date and again has stepped up by buying the new prime mover for the TRUCKRIGHT Industry Vehicle. I picked the truck up from the Kenworth factory in Melbourne and with the support of local Dubbo dealer Inland Truck Centres (SWANES), was able to run the truck around on a trade plate for three weeks to get most of the suppliers and supporters equipment fitted prior to going on the road.

19/4/2015 Release of the first TIV Video. After the comment at the Oaklands Truckshow about the truck only attending shows (and I was impressed he thought a truck that has done nearly 800,000 ks and the trailers then over a million) looked like a show truck and then being asked about photos of the TIV on Facebook, I realised that those I get to speak to, do get to at least have some idea of what the TIV is all about. There are some who disagree and or seem to take offence at what I do and I had considered how to explain the TIV to more people and this first video is the start of that.
The second one has recently been released and I hope to do a few more and then some for each of the sponsors, towards something more industry focused, once I have a bit of practice on mine.

17/4/2015 Heavy Vehicle Safety Summit Melbourne. I had sought to have the TIV on display but was unsuccessful there. However I was invited onto the panel session on the second day. I had to unload, with quite a delay at a DC and then reload during the first day, so missed out on the major speakers, but did attend the dinner and the second day.

22/3/2015 It was my first visit to the Oaklands Truckshow. I had one young bloke say he looked up to the TIV and my efforts and another, ask me was this all the TIV did, go to shows. I wish! A terrific community event and for the first time they had over 100 trucks attend.

March 2015 Being an avid user of the Dubbo Library, particularly for audio books, they contacted me about a possible story on libraries and audio books and I did manage to get home in time to do an interview with a journalist from the Sydney Morning Herald on same. We did it outside the Dubbo Library, then did further interviews inside. It amazes me how far and wide that story went.

February 2015 After only 16 years of efforts, there has finally been funding announced for Green Reflector Marking of Informal Truck Bays for 6 major NW NSW Highways.

Febraury 2015. Whilst I did try unsuccessfully to get the TIV on site, I was given the chance to do seminars on “Sharing the road with trucks” at the Melbourne Caravan and Camping Supershow. I had small but interested crowds, with the some good questions, feedback and even the organiser who sat in with her father, both commended me for my presentation and efforts.

16/11/2014 The TIV trailers achieved one million kilometres this night, on the way into Brisbane. To my knowledge, they are the only trailers anywhere in the world that have done one million kilometres promoting the road transport industry and road safety. BPW, NARVA, Groeneveld, Cummins and other sponsors did stories in their own company magazines or in trade press.

18/10/2014 I was invited to attend the first Convoy for Kids in Wagga Wagga for some years. Billed as the Riverina Truckshow and Convoy for Kids, I got in early on the Friday night, dropped the trailers and took part in the convoy and stayed for the days festivities at the showgrounds. Many photographs were taken and much discussion with visitors, with the organisers thanking me for making the effort to attend.

23rd to 25th September Henty Field Days with support from RMS. A number of drivers stopped in and offered comments on the TIV and a previous journalist passenger on one of my early trips with the ATA “baby” trailer, now with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, suggested the TIV was a very good safety message and that we could possibly do something together in the future.

First week in September was Truckweek. My event listed on the ATA Truckweek website, “Truckweek on the Newell” and I contacted every radio station and newspaper on the Newell Highway seeking interest. Not all replied or followed up, but I had some pre-emptive stories and interviews, as well as local Television and radio in Dubbo, an hours talk back on early morning ABC radio with still a full board of callers at the end and very positive comments during and after, other radio interviews with Neil Mitchell in Melbourne, John Laws and other night time network programs. An auto ECM failure, meant the K200 was off the road for part of the week and that spoilt my plans for any riders.

9/8/2014 TIV invited and on display at the Dubbo Golden Oldies Truckshow in Dubbo. Thompson’s Transport had their pink Volvo and Breast Cancer trailer on display and Howard Thompson came over to me and congratulated me on my effort to improve the industry. Coming from another Dubbo firm and with their trailer less than 50 metres away, it was a very big positive gesture.

July 2014 Submitted detailed reply to request for input on Newell Highway Corridor Strategy. I had some very positive comments from those I sent a draft to and when the final report was published, some of the issues I raised were addressed, but there is a long way to go.

10/4/14 With the rail washed away, I loaded mail for Perth. The first TIV had done one trip to Perth and this was the first for TIV 001. Radio interviews with ABC, 6PR Perth, TIV posters put up at Norseman, Wudina and Border Village, newspaper stories with Ceduna and Port Augusta papers on the way home, one site each way marked with green reflectors put up on the Nullabor, one site in South Australia and one west of Cobar in NSW and followed up with letters to each state seeking rollout of same. So a trip where I did make a serious effort, to raise the profile and push the issues and aims of the TIV. All were well received and many positive comments from drivers during the trip.

3rd to 6th April 2014 Attended Melbourne International Truckshow with TIV on display. Best show I have ever attended for comments and feedback, all positive. Two companies approached, supplying new air lines and a coloured steering wheel for the TIV.

Due to the TIV engine rebuild, I was unable to have the TIV at the National Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA) Rally but I made the effort to drive up and did still manage to attend at Narrabri. I hosted a session with about 40 or 50 attendees on the last day of the week long rally and spoke for about 40 minutes. I was thanked at the end and told many had not heard views from truckies and were glad they had attended and my effort in attending and giving our side was very helpful. One fellow told me he has followed me for many years through my previous column in Caravan World and on the radio and told me not to give up and another made similar comments.

18/9/2013 With the help of one of our customers, I was able to set up a load to get me to the Henty Field Days and with the help and assistance of RMS, had the TIV parked on their site. It was a wet few days and I then reloaded the tractors and had to drop one off at Gerogery, which had been sold at the event, on the way to the final delivery point for the balance of the load in Melbourne.

I asked at the Three Ways Roadhouse and they were happy to put up one of the TIV posters. I got a few comments about being lost, being up that way. On the return trip, I picked up another trailer in Mt Isa and came back as an AB Triple, dropping the third trailer at Bourke. On leaving Mt Isa I contacted the local paper, who came out and did a photo shoot and story on the TIV and its’ aims.

Whilst in Darwin I went into the local ABC studio and had the presenter come out into the truck for a live cross. I also put up green reflectors marking both one northbound and one southbound informal truck bay north of Elliot and will again, approach the Transport Department about supporting this initiative.

August 2013 having tried for months to set up a b-triple trip from Melbourne to Darwin, I admitted defeat, but was still able to get a b-double load for Darwin and to attend the NATROAD Convention there. The TIV prime mover was on display outside with a number of other Kenworths.

February 2013 It was off to wet and windy Newcastle with a bit of a challenge getting in (and later backing it out) for the Livestock and Bulk Carriers Conference. It virtually never stopped raining the whole time and whilst the TIV was clean when I got there, no one was that keen to stand in the rain to look at it. As always though, at such events, I made every effort to discuss and push the aims of the TIV to as many as possible.

23/02/2013 Having loaded on the Friday, I joined the Lights on the Hill convoy from the BP at Archerfield (with another convoy travelling from Toowoomba as well) out to the Gatton Showgrounds, staying for most of the hot day, before heading off to be in Dubbo for Monday morning.

January 2013 I loaded two incompatible different types of bulk dangerous goods, one on each of the TIVs trailers, then travelled to Dalby and was met with a third trailer and dolly and hooked up as an AB Triple heading for Mt Isa with a drop at a mine at Cloncurry on the way. On the return leg with another AB triple on, I stopped at Longreach for my break and contacted the local paper who came out and took photos for a story on the TIV and sharing the road with trucks. The local radio station was also to follow up from my phone call to them.

4/11/2012 The NSW Parliamentary Secretary for Transport, John Ajaka got up at 4.30AM to meet me at Uncle Leos in Sydney and travelled with me to the Newcastle Transport Awareness day on the foreshore. Getting the b-double in through the last few corners was very tight, the Newcastle day draws enormous crowds and as always, was a good day out for the road transport industry.

I did a trip to Rockhampton during the week and contacted the local paper after unloading and they sent a journo out for a chat, photo and story, both about Truckweek and the TIV and I rang the Rocky radio station the next day and did a piece in the afternoon as well. A couple of drivers commented on me being a bit further north than usual, saying it was good to see the TIV up there and of course, I am working on  getting the TIV to Perth, Darwin and Townsville once a year if possible, both to spread the word and attend events.

I did a number of earlier radio interviews in the weeks prior, making people aware of Truckweek coming up and the website for events. I had 15 minutes on the local radio station on Monday prior to the launch, with a follow up later in the week. I did a piece on Radio National’s Bush Telegraph show which goes across the nation after the Mayors ride (getting a text from a mate in Perth and another from Brisbane who heard it and offered positive comments) then over the next few days ended up doing ten radio interviews, including ABC Early Mornings, again national and ABC Perth and Darwin among others.

Monday 20th October was the official regional launch of Truckweek. I took the Dubbo Mayor and the Parkes Council Road Safety Officer for a short 15 minute ride following the launch whilst others discussed issues further and then one local paper and the cameraman from the local tv for a ride, during the course of the day. We got good local coverage on TV that night, a story in the weekend paper and had good radio coverage as well.

16/10/2012 the TIV was featured on A Current Affair as part of a story on cameras in trucks. I was not aware of the title to be used, “Vigilantes”, but received much good comment from a number of people, including one in a DC, saying I got the good message across well.

5/10/2012 I was able to attend the Wagga Wagga Careflight day, arriving late Friday night and finishing cleaning before the day got under way. It was well attended, with trucks, bikes and cars on display as well.

August 2012 I attended the NATROAD Convention on the Gold Coast with the TIV on display in the car park at Sanctuary Cove. I contributued where I could to the sessions and thank NATROAD for the opportunity to participate.

The TIV has been featured in Owner Driver, on line in a number of articles with a photo of the new curtains and in Prime Mover following the show and I have done an interview with Diesel Magazine for the future with others to follow. I had a motoring journalist from Carsguide do a short trip with me around Brisbane and he started out, saying he knew nothing about trucks. He was very much car minded, asking about car drivers frustration with trucks using overtaking lanes and sitting beside one another overtaking on a 4 lane highway. I explained our point of view and will not say I converted him (at least not till I see what he writes) but do believe he now has a better understanding of trucks and why we do some things. Again, maybe only a small change in attitude or perception, but everyone counts.

I had hoped to attend both nights of the 3M Display events in Melbourne, but did manage to get to the second one with state and local road authority people in attendance. I have added a line of the new 3M Fluoro yellow Conspicuity Tape along the bottom of the trailers (and it does look good on the dark brown) and the truck was well received with the people from Hino (who had supplied the two body trucks, with and without conspicuity markings for the display) keen to have a look at the K200 and my modified step lights. The night was informative and very effective with attendees travelling around the site with old and new reflective technology on show, both in roadsigns and safety markings and of course, on trucks as well.

May 2012 I attended the Australian Trucking Association Convention in Sydney and had the TIV on display at the Show and Shine on the Sunday 19th, winning the “Most Distance Travelled” to attend, having come direct from Sydney. The USA guest at the convention, on inspecting the TIV was very impressed with the K200 prime mover and said he has never seen anything like the TIV, which is a big call from someone with a fleet of 12,000 trucks. For me, attending the convention was worthwhile just for the meetings alone, let alone the opportunity to listen to others for industry views and updates as part of the program and then of course, in other discussions as well.

The Daily Liberal paper in Dubbo was contacted and the TIV and story, including comments from Ben and Rod Pilon was published on Thursday 22nd March.


The latest Kenworth sponsored Road Trains in Action video, by Howard Shanks was also released for sale at the truckshow and included a story on the TIV. Thank you to Kenworth, Inland Truck Centres and Howard Shanks for the chance to present and explain the TIV to a new audience. The full 15 minute version is also on youtube at roadtrainsinaction, TRUCKRIGHT Industry Vehicle.
BPW also released the Spring edition of their magazine and the story relating to Andreas trip below was featured.

15th to 18th March 2012 TIV was on display with the new curtains at the Melbourne International Truck Show with thanks to John Murphy of Prime Creative. Many visited me and commented on the efforts so far, the new truck and curtains and thanks to all who have contributed to this effort.

9th March 2012 New curtains fitted at Attards Melbourne. Attards have again supported the TIV with assisting with the cost, artwork and details and I thank them for that on-going support. It took me hundreds of hours on the phone and computer to get this done and I am very happy with the result and all comments have been positive. These curtains are also “Load Restraint” rated curtains.

24th and 25th February 2012 The TIV was on display at the Livestock and Bulk Carriers Conference in Dubbo. I had hoped to have the new curtains fitted and do a “launch”, but this did not happen. The Livestock and Bulk Carriers Association is a new sponsor of the TIV and promoted the attendance of the TIV and allowed me to participate in the conference and dinner, Thank you to Emma Higginson and all involved for a well planned and executed conference.

29/10/2011 Took part in Brisbane Convoy for Kids from Heathwood to Redcliffe Showgrounds. Was “tail end Charlie” bringing up the rear of over 200 trucks. Only one other had a trailer, with me using the rear trailer only, due to site access and b-double route issues. I did an interview on radio 4BC on the way to Redcliffe and the enthusiasm and crowds lining the route made me feel very humble and happy to be a part of such an event.

3/10/2011 The TIV was on display at the Australian Pet Brands Open Day in Dubbo along with the VIP V8 Supercar transporter, V8 Commodore, Aston Martin, Ford GT40 and a sprintcar. Rod Pilon Transport does all the Queensland, NSW and Victoria cartage for APB which is part of the VIP Petfoods group. It was hard to compete with such exotic machinery, but a number of people commented and took the time to discuss the TIV. APB had printed up a number of the “Truckies Top Ten Tips” kids version and those that were left over, went to be given out in the VIP Petfoods sample bags at Bathurst the following week end.

5/9/2011 I took part in a High Productivity Vehicle (HPVs) Trial at the Pilon Transport yard in Dubbo. There had never been a physical measuring of swept paths for HPVs in NSW, only on computers. So a number of different vehicle configurations were set up, all were measured for compliance and all driven round a marked path and measurements taken. I drove three different trucks, one as a roadtrain, one as an AB Triple and the TIV K200 as a b-triple. At the end, we hooked up a BAB Quad, the TIV prime mover with two b-doubles behind coupled with a converter dolly. It was very interesting watching the second set of trailers still travelling in one direction, as I completed the turn going the other way, as it were.

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