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Ice Road Truckers: DVD

Documentary. Season One. For two months of the year veteran and rookie truckers battle the extreme elements to get supplies through to the remote diamond mines in Northern Canada. Driving over frozen lakes where there are no roads, the truckers challenge each other to see who can complete the most loads. When this series first went to air it was one of the most popular searches on yahoo.

Ice Road Truckers Season 1 
Ice Road Truckers: DVD

Documentary. Season Two.

Ice Road Truckers Season 2 
Ice Road Truckers: DVD

Documentary. Season Three.

Ice Road Truckers Season 3
Trick My Truck: Instant Download (DVD Not Available)

CMT TV Show. * High speed internet connection required.

Trick My Truck TV Show 
Big Rig: DVD

Documentary. American long haul trucking.

Big Rig 
Super Trucks Super Trucks: DVD

Documentary featuring the 1999 contestants competing for a place on the annual Shell Super Rigs calendar, filmed at the popular Iowa 80 truckstop. Includes Neal Holsomback's fabulous winning tractor trailer combination.

Super Trucks 
Black Dog: DVD

Action Movie from 1998 staring a Peterbilt 379 with Patrick Swayze and Randy Travis behind the wheel. Meatloaf plays the bad guy hot on their heels. Also includes the Rhett Akins music video "Drivin' my life away".

Black Dog 
Breakdown: DVD

Action Thriller Movie staring Kurt Russell and J T Walsh. The one thing viewers with an eagle eye will notice in this film is the scene in which the truck falls from the bridge minus most of its driveline.

Convoy: DVD

Action Movie. The cult classic trucking film from 1978. Staring in his bulldog mack with a can on the back, Kris Kristofferson as "Rubber Duck", Ali McGraw and Ernest Borgnine.

Duel: DVD

Action Thriller Movie. Steven Spielbergs first feature film from 1972 Staring Dennis Weaver.

Over The Top: DVD

Action Drama Movie. Sylvester Stallone plays Lincon Hawk an arm-wrestling trucker fighting to keep his son. 1987

Over the Top 
Smokey and the Bandit 1, 2 & 3: DVD

Action Comedy Movies staring Burt Reynolds, Jerry Reed, Sally Feild and Jackie Gleeson. Hauling light weight beer and a pregnant elephant cross country, with Sheriff Buford T Justice in "Hot Pursuit". 1977-1980-1983.

Smokey & the Bandit 1-2-3  
White Line Fever: DVD

Action Drama Movie. Returning home from the air force to start a new life as an owner operator is Carrol Jo Hummer played by Jan-Micheal Vincent.

White Line Fever 
18 Wheels of Justice: DVD

Action Drama TV Series 1. Lucky Vanous plays Federal agent Micheal Cates an undercover trucker.

18 Wheels of Justice Season 1 
18 Wheels of Justice: DVD

Action Drama TV Series 2.

18 Wheels of Justice Season 2  
Movin' On: DVD

Action TV Series. Popular Trucking TV show from the 1970s starting Claude Akins now available on DVD.

The Best of Movin' On 

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