Semi Truck Books
Custom Semi By Bette S. Garber
Custom Semi Trucks By Bette S. Garber
Custom Semi Trucks 2 By Bette S. Garber
Ultra Custom Semi Trucks By Bette S. Garber
Peterbilt Long Haul Legend By J.E. Beach
Custom Semi
Bette S. Garber
Custom Semi Trucks Bette S. Garber
Custom Semi Trucks 2 Bette S. Garber
Ultra Custom Semi
Bette S. Garber
Peterbilt The Evolution of Class By Warren Johnson
Peterbilt The Class of the Industry By Henry Rasmussen
Classic Peterbilt By Henry Rasmussen
Peterbilt Trucks 1939-1979 By Ron Adams
100 Years of Semi Trucks By Ron Adams
Warren Johnson
Henry Rasmussen
Classic Peterbilt
Henry Rasmussen
Big Rigs of the 1950s By Ron Adams
Kenworth Trucks of the 1950s
Peterbilt Trucks of the 1960s
Autocar Trucks of the 1960s
Semi Trucks of the 1960s
White Freightliner Trucks of the 1960s
Big Rigs of the 1960s By Ron Adams
Big Rigs of the 1970s By Ron Adams
Kenworth Trucks 1950-1979 By Ron Adams
Kenworth The First 75 Years By Doug Siefkes
White-Freightliner 1960s Ron Adams
Classic American Semi Trucks  By Jeremy Lipschultz and Stan Holtzman
Semi-Truck Color History By Stan Holtzman
Big Rigs By Stan Holtzman
Mack Trucks By Ron Adams
Classic Mack Trucks By Henry Rasmussen
Classic Semi Trucks
Lipschults & Holtzman
Big Rigs
Stan Holtzman
Mack Trucks
Ron Adams
Classic Mack Trucks
Henry Rasmussen
Freightliner Trucks 1937-1981 Photo Archive By Peter G
Federal Trucks Photo Archive
Kenworth Semi Trucks
Extreme Trucks
American Semi Trucks By Stan Holtzman
Freightliner Trucks
Robert Gabrick
Federal Trucks
Robert Gabrick
Extreme Trucks
Greg Smith
American Semi Trucks
Stan Holtzman
Evolution of Cab Over Engine Trucks
Pictorial History of American Trucks
Kings of the Road
Lost Truck Legends
All American Truck Stops
COE Trucks
Norm Mort
American Trucks
Niels Jansen
Kings of the Road
Rob Leicester Wagner
Lost Truck Legends
Robert Gabrick
The World of Custom Trucks: Spectacular Working Show Trucks from Europe and the United States
The Long Haul American Trucking Companies By Ron Adams
King of the Road: True Tales from a Legendary Ice Road Trucker
Diesel Smoke Over Asphalt Ribbons - Dreams in the Rearview Mirror
World Custom Trucks
The Long Haul
Ron Adams
King of the Road
Alex Debogorski
Diesel Smoke
Jerry Aaron
Phillip Wilson
Reference Books        
2015 USA Road Atlas
2011 National Truckstop Directory
Bumper to Bumper The Complete Guide to Tractor Trailer Operations By Mike Byrnes & Associates
The 2013 National Trucker's Directory
Heavy Duty Truck Systems
2015 USA Road Atlas
Rand McNally
Bumper to Bumper
Mike Byrnes
Truckers Directory
D.C. Bridgett
Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Engines, Fuel & Computerized Management Systems
SVO: Powering Your Vehicle With Straight Vegetable Oil
Automotive Cheap Tricks
Cheap Tricks and Special Effects 2
Custom Painting
Tricks & Special FX
Craig Fraser
Custom Painting
Pat Ganahl
The Ultimate
Australian Truck
Photography Books
By Peter Schlenk and
Robbie Rose

Klos Custom Trucks Book
Australia Working Trucks
Australian Working Trucks

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